Urmston Railway Station on a cold winter's day. The former Station House & Ticket Office on the left hand side is now the warmly inviting & award winning THE STEAMHOUSE pub.

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Photo Taking Boundaries for Urmston, Flixton, Davyhulme and Stretford


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OK, now when I refer to borders I’m not necessarily referring to borders set by councils or by Trafford but more from my shoe leather point of view – this will all be done on shanks’ s pony so I’ve got to keep it within the bounds of reason.

If you would like me to take a photograph and display it on these pages then it must lie within these boundaries.


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The first boundary is the River Mersey from Crossford Bridge in – yeah I know what you’re thinking – that’s Sale already – well it’s my ball so we’ll play by my rules ;-)

The River Mersey all the way down to the Flixton end of the Mile Road (Google map calls it Flixton Road but all my life I’ve only ever known it as the mile road although one would wonder why or how it got its name because I’m pretty darn sure it’s not a mile long)

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The next physical boundary is the Manchester Ship Canal where incidentally I spent 13 years working many moons ago. From where the River Mersey enters the canal all the way down to its terminal docks at Salford Quays.


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The final boundary will be the Metro link tram line roughly from Trafford Bar Metro Station down to where the Metro line passes over the River Mersey.

I will make the exception of going beyond the metro line to cover Stretford Cemetery and Longford Park and any roads of interest near to them.

Also thinking about it and thinking about my connection with the Manchester Ship Canal – there could be lots of people who worked Salford Docks many years ago who would maybe like to see an up to date view of them.


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So breaking my own rules on Day One already, I will include Salford Quays photos for anyone who would like to see them.

Ouch! My feet are burning already.


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So there we have it – if you have any places of interest within those boundaries and would like to see current photos of the same then drop me a line in the comment box which you will find on most of the web site pages.

Or just use the comment boxes (once I’ve figure out how to install them) on the website.


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 Flixton Road Urmston New Years Day 2012


Moorside Road Urmston Manchester


Urmston Railway Bridge Station Road


Former Greyhound Pub now The Village Thai Retaurant